Cyber crime expectations

Some news articles are manna from the gods for crime writers.  Take this one, for example, from the BBC website:

Being “brought up on a diet of James Bond, CSI and Mission Impossible” may have
given the public “unrealistic expectations” when it comes to solving cyber
crimes, according to police.

Apparently, the public now believe it’s much easier to solve cyber crime (and even other types of crime) than it really is.  As the article puts it:

Regardless of how good the investigators on CSI look, or how flashy their cars and music are, crimes are not solved by iconic imagery, nor the latest hi-tech see-through monitors.

Law enforcement relies on good old fashioned detective work…

Of course, good old fashioned detective work might not produce the most watchable film or tv series – or the best crime novel, for that matter.  The public have got used to thrills and spills, fast cars and easy solutions.  The better writers do try to balance this with references to the minutiae of detection, but too often even that is concertina’d into a single day rather than the weeks it can really take.

I’d love to write a story about an ugly detective with a clapped out old car, slaving over records, newspapers and court papers for hour after hour.  But I’m not sure how sellable it would be!


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