Death theme?

Most people know about the obvious differences between American and British English, like sidewalk/pavement or fender/bumper. but every now and again something comes along that’s more unusual and a good deal more startling. The other day I was rummaging around on a site for freebie WordPress themes to see if I could come up with anything more stylish than this one. I couldn’t, but I did do a double-take when I saw the name of one of their recently uploaded themes:

Hotel Dignitas.

Fair enough, it was aimed at the hospitality trade and provided a ready-made template for showing off rooms, dinner menus and the like. But Americans must not realise the connotations of that name ‘Dignitas’. Over here, of course, it’s well known as the Swiss site where people who are terminally ill or terminally depressed go to end their lives. So imagine the splutters at the idea of a hotel with that name. The Bates Motel all over again, perhaps? Or a new take on Hotel California? You can sign out any time you like, but you can certainly never leave…


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