Close shave?

Would you want a hair cut from a barber’s shop that called itself ‘Freddie’s Razors’? It sounds faintly alarming to me, as though you’d need to count your fingers after a visit, or find yourself with one too few ears. Botched jobs, protection rackets and far too much blood are what springs to my mind when I see the name. It certainly doesn’t conjure up images of chic new hairstyles or the latest trendy beard. And yet that’s the name on the front of one particular barber’s in the West Midland suburb of Shirley, which I spotted whilst visiting yesterday.

I’m probably doing Freddie a disservice. I’m sure his hands are steady, his shaving technique beyond compare, and his customers have nothing to fear.

All the same, I don’t think I’ll be paying him a visit next time my hair needs cutting…

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