Cumbria to Cornwall #2

In a neat little update to my blog the other week, a Cornish councillor has criticised the BBC for not filming scenes for Jamaica Inn in Cornwall. She makes the valid point that Launceston, the town around which du Maurier’s original book is set, has all the attributes for filming including quaint streets surrounding a Norman castle, and would have made an ideal location.

I’m sure the argument will rumble on, but the BBC’s response did at least answer my cynical questions about this whole film location malarkey:

A BBC spokeswoman said that Cornwall was used for “the key locations, as well as Yorkshire, following investment from Screen Yorkshire”.

Sure enough, this isn’t about the ‘rich variety of locations’ quoted earlier in the article. It’s about… money. How very twenty-first century, and how very depressing.

About Tess Makovesky

Liverpool lass Tess is now settled in the far north of England where she roams the fells with a brolly, dreaming up new stories and startling the occasional sheep.
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One Response to Cumbria to Cornwall #2

  1. Tess – *Sigh* Isn’t it always about money? I think it takes away from a production when those pieces of authenticity aren’t there.

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