Crash capital of the UK

Somebody’s been reading my stories, or at the very least my blog posts. According to this news item, Birmingham now tops the league table for the highest number of ‘crash for cash’ scams anywhere in the country, along with Bradford.

I was relieved to see that the suburb I used as a location for my recent story didn’t appear on the list, so at least I can’t be accused of anything nefarious myself. One or two weren’t that far away, though. So, am I psychic? Have I caught the wave of a new crime phenomenon? Or is Birmingham just a crime-ridden hell-hole that’s likely to top any crime statistics league? I’ll leave you lot to decide.


2 thoughts on “Crash capital of the UK

    • So I’m a mysterious Russian psychic? Wow. How cool.

      But yes, this is the second time I’ve written about something on the edges of the news, which has gone on to become quite a ‘big story’. So perhaps you’re right. 😉

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