A story – in 81 words

I’ve had a tiny story published on the 81Words website, where the point is to tell a tale in exactly 81 words. Not a word more, not a word less.

It’s surprisingly difficult – you wouldn’t believe the number of times I thought I’d cracked it, only to find I’d written 79… or 83. However, I love a challenge so I persevered, and the end result is a daft little piece called ‘Money Laundering’. Rather improbably, this was inspired by a real news story from Birmingham, where a large bag of money was found floating in a canal. However, the character of Carl is entirely my own invention. Hopefully nobody could actually be that stupid!

You can find the story here, and if anyone would like to vote for it on the site I’ll be your friend forever, or at the very least be very grateful.


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