Dead Man Walking

A couple of weeks back fellow Brit-grit author Paul D Brazill invited me to send in a story for his new charity anthology, Exiles. I was delighted and quickly identified a previously published piece which I knew would fit the theme to a ‘t’. Unfortunately, it was still tied up in the archives of the magazine it had appeared in, so I quickly wrote to ask if they would take it down. After all, it really isn’t fair to ask readers to pay for a story which is freely available on the net, especially when all proceeds are going to a good cause.

Even more unfortunately, said magazine is messing me around and there are doubts over whether they’re ever going to remove the story from their archives. So, rather than keep Paul hanging on for weeks, I settled down and wrote a whole new story – in two days flat!

It’s called ‘Dead Man Walking’ and was inspired by that odd case, a few weeks back, where an American man had disappeared for three years, been declared dead, then turned up safe and well, but couldn’t be declared alive again because of some odd state law. Needless to say I’ve strayed from the truth and added my own dark twist to the tale, and you can see it, together with a whole pile of stories from some of the big names in noir writing, in the forthcoming Exiles anthology. To say I’m excited is the understatement of the month!


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