The last few days I’ve been beavering away on a new crime story, which was inspired by the little dialogue scene I quoted in my last post. I liked the characters so much, and particularly the main female character, that I decided to keep running with it and see where I ended up. If nothing else, there seemed to be potential to have some fun with a feisty young woman and her rather sheep-like brother. And if I can turn it into a much longer work, perhaps even another novella, then that will be a bonus.

Progress was really good the first couple of days; inevitably it’s slowed down as I’ve hit the reality of making it all work. There’s the plot to get straight, other characters to dream up and introduce, the setting to finalise and describe. I’m still scribbling, though, and still determined to Do Something with it, conclusively.

It’s set at least partly in a hair salon, and I couldn’t resist. I’ve called both the salon, and the story, ‘Curl Up and Dye’. Apologies in advance for the dreadful pun!

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