The dreaded apostrophe

The grammatical rules covering apostrophes are so arcane they could practically be found chiselled on the walls of a ruined temple – or within the pages of a Dan Brown novel. I had them dinned into me with great regularity at school, but still find certain aspects as baffling as everyone else.

You do, however, expect the experts to get them right.

Which is why I was a little surprised to see this tagline on the front cover of the esteemed UK women’s writing magazine Mslexia the other day:

Writers’ partners: how does your’s shape up?

I imagine there were some red faces in the copy-editing department after that went out. But if even they can’t get it right, what hope do the rest of us have?


3 thoughts on “The dreaded apostrophe

  1. Tess – You would expect experts to notice something like this and fix it wouldn’t you? *sigh.* Well, guess it just goes to show that not everyone’s way of looking at language agrees with our’s. 😉

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