Wot, no ladders?

A fun little story from the brand new, all-singing all-dancing library in Birmingham city centre, which opened in a blaze of lights and glory a few short months ago.

Apparently, staff can’t reach some of the books because they’re on shelves so far above the ground that they can’t reach without special ladders. And, um, nobody thought to order the ladders.

Luckily, the books are “low-use, academic titles” that aren’t taken out very often. Just as well, really, that it isn’t Dan Brown or Fifty Shades, or the staff might have to resort to hot air balloons…


2 thoughts on “Wot, no ladders?

  1. Erm – some of us are academics who want those hard-to-reach books… And with me being only 1.5 m tall, I think I would have to bring in a jet-pack, a hot air balloon or perhaps my broomstick… 😉 This really is an interesting look at how the best-laid plans gang aft agley. Thanks for sharing, Tess.

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