Second helpings

Friday found me travelling north to Gretna Green again, for the first follow-up session to the great ‘Crime & Publishment’ writing course I attended there a few weeks ago.

It was held at the very same hotel, the Mill Forge, and six of us managed to juggle commitments and journey times to get there. And a fantastic time we had too. Drinks at the bar, dinner, then back to the bar, and all the time we talked several hind legs off several donkeys on everything from character names to the Harrogate festival and back again.

It’s a fair way to go for an evening so I stopped over at the hotel (hardly a hardship…) and was delighted I’d made the effort as it was brilliant catching up with folk again. Chatting to other writers, especially ones on such a similar wavelength, always seems very inspirational (even if it does mean having to change some rather silly character names in my latest work-in-progress!) and I’m hoping to make the next session, some time in the summer, as well.

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