Kick in the face

This really takes the biscuit. I was using an old newspaper to wrap up some kitchen scraps for the bin when I noticed a news item dating from January this year. Headlined ‘Using Nikes on face can cause harm’, it reported that a thug in Oregon, US, is suing Nike for sixty million quid (or possibly dollars) because, and I quote, “it failed to warn him that shoes could be used as a dangerous weapon’.

Apparently, said thug, who is now serving a 100-year prison term, stamped on his victim’s face so hard whilst wearing Nike trainers that the guy needed stitches and surgery on his nose. Is the thug sorry for the pain and injury he caused? Nope, doesn’t seem like it. Instead he’s trying to get compo from Nike for not putting a warning label on the shoes that they might cause serious injury if used in this way.

Doesn’t seem to have occurred to him that it’s the stamping, not the shoes, that are to blame.

The newspaper said “The sporting giant is yet to respond” but it would be nice to think that not even a litigation culture could swallow this one…

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