Peaky Blinders pub for sale

Anyone who enjoyed last year’s tv series Peaky Blinders, about gangs in Edwardian Birmingham, can now buy themselves an authentic slice of the local scenery.  The pub where the fictional gang met, The Garrison, is up for sale by auction at the surprisingly reasonable price of £160-175,000.  The sale takes place at Villa Park (home of Aston Villa football club) on 22 May, so there’s still time to register your interest, pop along, and make a bid for a bit of tv history!

Apparently, the series creator’s father used to drink at the pub, which is why he chose to immortalise it in the series.  Although the sale is being held at Villa’s ground, The Garrison is actually closer to rivals Birmingham City’s ground, St Andrews.  Which ought to guarantee a good bit of passing trade on home match days if nothing else.

So, wanna buy a pub where you can hear some genuine Brummie accents, rather than the peculiar hybrids much derided in Peaky Blinders?  Now’s your chance!


3 thoughts on “Peaky Blinders pub for sale

    • But that’s *cough* only about $300,000, Margot – cheap at half the price!!

      Seriously, I don’t know whether they filmed any of the series at the pub, or whether it just got an ‘honourable mention’. If it’s the latter it might not be quite such an investment because you wouldn’t get the influx of tv tourists.

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