Exiles! Out now!

exiles-cover-preview-2Tired of being an outsider, looking in? Well, now you can be an outsider looking in, reading about other outsiders looking in! Because Exiles, Blackwitch Press’s latest anthology featuring some of the best-known names in modern noir and ‘grit-fic’, is out right now.

This is a terrific collection of 26 short stories, all completely different in style and tone but all dark, and all featuring the common theme of ‘outsiders’.

My own story involves Johnny, a brutish robber who comes up with the perfect alibi (“You can’t be done for murder if you’re dead…”), until his plans go horribly wrong.

Johnny grinned under his stocking mask as he shot the lock off the airport security depot door. This was the life; this was the mayhem he loved. A bit of strong-arm stuff, a bit of arm-twisting or fingernail-pulling, a bit of blagging with a shotgun in one hand, just to make sure people did what they were told. A heap of cash at the end.

This time was better than usual. This time the target wasn’t just a post office or a bank; this time there’d be millions involved. Cash, bonds, jewellery, electricals, all stored neatly under one anonymous warehouse roof, waiting for transport around the world. The airport wouldn’t know whose army had hit them; by the time they woke up and smelled the coffee it would be too late.

And this time, Johnny’s plans had given him a licence to kill. He couldn’t be done for murder if he was dead.

As I might have mentioned once or twice before, it’s based on a true story of a man who was declared dead in America – but with my own distinctive sting in the tail.

You can pick up your copy of Exiles as an ebook for only $1.29 at Amazon US, or 77p on Amazon UK.

All proceeds go to charity (the Marfan Foundation, in aid of people suffering from Marfan syndrome). So go on – you have no excuse. Don’t be an outsider looking in (and wondering what all the fuss is about).  Get your copy today!


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