Peaky Blinders pub update

After I posted about the forthcoming sale of The Garrison, the pub named in the first series of Peaky Blinders, I can now reveal that the auction happened, and the pub sold for the sum of £183,000. I’m not sure what that is in dollars – I’d guess around the $300,000 mark – but in pounds sterling it doesn’t seem much for what is, after all, a home and business combined, with the ‘goodwill’ of the business intact, a ready customer-base from the nearby football ground, and the Peaky Blinders connection to boot. Someone seems to have got themselves a bargain!

I wasn’t sure if any of the episodes had been filmed at (or even inside) the pub, but the news report I saw did make it clear that they weren’t. It was referred to by the characters, but all the inside shots were filmed on a set, not on location. Shame. It looks like quite an atmospheric old watering hole.

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