What’s cooking

rabbitstewBelieve it or not, my latest work-in-progress is a short story about cannibalism. It’s based on an old World War II joke my Mum told me once (“Fifty fifty, guv – one horse, one rabbit”), which I’ve recycled into something much, much nastier. It might put you off rabbit stew for life.

The story is still rough around the edges so I won’t be doing anything with it until it’s been through a thorough fiddle.

In the meantime, I’d love to know if anyone else has ever come across that particular joke – or if anyone else has used old jokes as a basis for a story.

And if you want to know what else I’ve got ‘on the boil’ (other than suspect stew) check out the ‘in the works’ page. You never know what you might find lurking there.


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