Not so super…

Two men dressed as Superman have had their car confiscated by police after being stopped on the M42 motorway near Birmingham with a red cape in place of the car’s rear window.

According to the police spokesperson, they were originally stopped “on suspicion of driving without insurance” but something (the cape, perhaps?) must have alerted the officers concerned in the first place.

Apparently the case has now gone viral and West Midlands police are getting all sorts of comments from around the world, including a wonderful quote from the Oklahoma Country Sheriff: “Nice work! Not even Superman has a chance against police kryptonite.” Although I prefer the somewhat drier response from West Midlands police themselves:

“Even Superman needs insurance.”

The news article, as so often, leaves more questions than answers. Not only what alerted the police in the first place, but why on earth two men thought it would be a good idea to wear fancy dress, remove their car’s rear window, replace it with a bit of red cloth, and then drive straight down the nearest motorway… where there are far more regulations than there are on ordinary roads. On their way to a party? Or to rob a bank? We may never know…


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