Exiles in crime Storybundle

“Pay what you like and get nine great crime books!”

exiles-cover-small-2What’s not to like about that statement?  For the next 20 days, the digital version of Exiles: An Outsider Anthology will be available as part of the ‘international crime storybundle’ alongside eight other crime books from an award-winning selection of authors including Vincent Zandri, Jake Needham, Declan Burke and Robert B Lowe.  Even better, you quite simply pay what you think the bundle is worth.

Storybundle splits profits 70/30 with authors, so by buying via Storybundle you’re supporting indie authors, as well as setting your own price to whatever you can afford or think is fair.  As a bonus you get the chance to read books by authors you may not have come across before, along with the ones you already know and love.  The offer is only on for the next 20 days, though, so to avoid disappointment why not pop along to the Storybundle website for more information or to place your order.


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