Zombie apocalypse… Birmingham?

Here’s another amusing little tale of the sort of bizarre things that go on in Birmingham: West Midlands Police have reported more than 70 calls to their help desks about ghosts, witchcraft and, er, zombies, in the last three years.

Witchcraft I can just about get my head round and ghosts are a whole other matter; whether you believe in them or not there’s no doubting that there are some inexplicable phenomena at times, which you can hardly blame people for associating with the paranormal.  I myself experienced sudden drops in temperature, and being touched in an otherwise empty property – and that was in full daylight in a modern flat.  Imagine the same sort of thing happening after dark in a spooky environment and it’s no wonder folk phone for help.

But… zombies?  In a 21st century city?  Seriously?  I would love to know what activity sparked that particular report.  Was it a rather sick practical joke, or is Birmingham really the location of the next zombie invasion?  Can’t wait to find out!


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