The last few weeks have been rather arid in terms of getting writing done: we’ve had trips away, days out, routine appointments and a whole load of other things going on that have made concentrating on work really difficult.

At last, though, this week I’ve been able to settle down at my desk and Get On With Stuff. And I’m really pleased with the results.

Yesterday I gave a final polish to a music-themed crime story I wrote for Grift Magazine’s latest call for submissions, and sent that off. And today, I’ve finally got going on my current work-in-progress, a dark crime novella called ‘Raise the Blade’. Several weeks ago I stalled on a scene in the first section, and haven’t been able to move past that point. This morning, for no apparent reason, I suddenly stopped swimming around in molasses (figuratively speaking, that is) and could see a way to make the scene work. Eight hundred words later, the first section is finished (at least to first draft) and I’m a much happier bunny. Long may the sudden creative burst last.


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