Post mortem without the mess

A note for all you crime writers out there – digital autopsies are about to move off the pages of the latest sci-fi novel and become reality instead. The borough of Sandwell in the West Midlands is planning a centre for autopsies by scanner rather than scalpel, based at one of their crematoria, in the near future.

This makes a lot of sense. There’s a sizeable Asian population in the West Midlands, many of them Muslims for whom the whole concept of post mortem investigations is anathema. This way, the experts will be able to tell the cause of death without that invasive element. And what works for Muslims may also be more acceptable to much of the rest of the population, who don’t like to think about their nearest and dearest being sliced to pieces so soon after death.

This is a great use of modern technology and one I’d like to see catching on. Crime writers, though, may have to re-think any scenes they set in morgues from now on…


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