DIY detection…

I thought this news item (from The Guardian) was a spoof when I first spotted it but it looks as though it’s all too true.  Apparently, many police forces in the UK now expect members of the public who are the victims of so-called “low level” crime (criminal damage, some burglaries, and car crime) to solve the cases themselves – or at least gather their own evidence and clues.

This includes looking for cctv footage, asking around for witnesses, and checking online marketplaces for their stolen belongings.  Both this article and a similar one on the BBC stress the silliness of the police asking the public to do their work for them, but one thing that hasn’t been mentioned is the danger.  The police are geared up to deal with criminals; ordinary householders aren’t.  Ask too many questions in the wrong places and you could find yourself on the wrong end of a beating at the very least.

And then of course the police would have yet another crime to investigate.  Unless they expect the victim to solve that one too…


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