Taking your money for a ride

I’ve heard of money flying out of the door, but this is incredible: the cctv footage of what happened when a gang of robbers targeted a cash machine at the University of East Anglia.  First they attached the machine to the rear end of a large 4×4 vehicle, then they drove away, yanking the whole thing out of the wall and tugging it behind until it smashed against a door and they could get at the money.  Reminiscent in some ways of the cans and bottles people tie to the happy couple’s car at a wedding, only a whole lot more violent.  As police said, it was a wonder nobody was badly hurt.

There’s a happier ending, though, because the police rammed the vehicle a short distance away and arrested the gang, who turned out to be wanted for a whole string of other robberies and burglaries.  The money was presumably recovered, so it didn’t actually fly very far…


2 thoughts on “Taking your money for a ride

  1. Talk about taking a low-tech approach to opening the cash machine and getting the money! Yikes! It is a good thing no-one was hurt. Wonder how much damage to the street, etc., those thieves will have to pay…

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