Shelfie of the Week #5

It’s that time of the week again… and it’s the turn of Scottish crime writer Bill Kirton, who says:

“Two offerings. First, some of my own books. I still get a childish kick out of seeing them on library shelves and on my own shelf. This selection shows some of my non-fiction – books aimed at helping students and undergrads to write their academic stuff – as well as my novels. Playscripts tend to be in dog-eared piles in a cupboard.


The second shot shows some of the books I’ve read over and over again. My PhD was on Victor Hugo and some of my favourite passages are in his works and those of other great 19th and 20th century French writers. Having to analyse them when I was an academic made me very aware of the complexity of the layers the greats manage to create in a single volume.”


You can find out more about Bill and his many excellent books at his website.  I can thoroughly recommend ‘The Sparrow Conundrum’ for a giggle.


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