Body of evidence

When I first wrote my short story ‘Badge of Honour’ I was concerned that it might seem rather far-fetched.  True, teenage lads being fascinated by death is nothing new, but it isn’t very socially acceptable and tends to get swept under the nearest carpet, so I felt readers might not believe that Jed would use his discovery in such a macabre way.

It seems I needn’t have worried.  This rather strange article has turned up on the BBC website, detailing a case in America where police actually tracked a young murderer down after he took a selfie of himself with his victim’s body… and posted it online.

In ‘Badge of Honour’ Jed hasn’t killed anyone (he just uses the body to further his own ends) so this is one step further down the road to weirdsville.   It just goes to show that whatever we writers dream up, there’s always something worse happening in real life.

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