No more delays, Rogue is here!

Tnew rogue coverhe editors of the ‘Rogue’ anthology must have paid a sizeable bribe, threatened Amazon with a fate worse than death, or generally bust a gut, because against all the odds the anthology has been published today after all!

To say I’m delighted is a massive understatement.  The book contains a grand total of 22 stories by some of the biggest names in the genre (Paul D Brazill, Aidan Thorn, Gareth Spark, Keith Nixon, Graham Wynd, Ryan Bracha… the list goes on…), so my story ‘Singing From the Same Sheet’ is in exalted company.

As you might expect from a title like ‘Rogue’, my “hero” is really anything but, and the story itself treads some fairly dodgy moral ground – as any good noir story should.

You can find out more over at my website, or head to Amazon to get your sticky mitts on your very own Kindle version of ‘Rogue’ for only £2.49.  Bargain!


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