Smack at school

Quite an eyebrow-raising little piece from the BBC this week on the discovery of drugs being brought into school by the kids.  And not just a bit of weed, either, but really hard drugs including heroin and crack cocaine.

How things have changed.  In my day (not *that* long ago, before anyone says it…) a smack was something you got round the lugholes for not paying attention, and the worst ‘drug’ was usually a quick fag behind the bike sheds at break.

School was a difficult enough place at times; on balance I’m glad I’m not having to go there now with all these added pressures.


2 thoughts on “Smack at school

  1. There is indeed an awful lot of pressure on young people today, Tess. And there’s not always the community of people looking out for them that there was when I was young (dinosaurs roamed during those years…). So kids are now up against a lot more, but with a lot less support in some cases. It’s sad…

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