Next off the conveyor belt

I’m feeling tired but happy this afternoon, because I’ve just written the last sentence in the first draft of my latest novella, ‘Gravy Train’.

The book tells the story of a bag of money, which is chased around Birmingham, often unintentionally, by various criminals and low-lifes, all intent on their own nefarious ends.  Will any of them end up with the cash?  Will the undercover police officer save the day?

The story was partly inspired by various local news items about bags of money being found in Birmingham’s canals, as well as stories in the press about sports betting scams and the shenanigans of undercover police.  I had an absolute blast with it and have rarely written the best part of 30,000 words so quickly, which I’m hoping will be a good sign.

Of course, the glow of finishing it will soon wear off and the hard work of editing will start.  But it’s a very nice feeling while it lasts.


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