Praise for Betty Fedora

bettyfedora1Decent reviews are starting to stack up for this brand new magazine; readers seem to love the whole concept of ‘kickass women’ in crime.

Here’s a couple of comments, nicked at random from Amazon:  “…enjoyably feminist crime fiction that has a wry sense of humour…”; and “…an interesting collection that is not more of the same.”

The book is still on my ‘to be read’ pile (a tottering heap by the side of the bed) so I can’t comment on the stories myself.  But I have read the foreword, which is excellent: feisty, feminist-flavoured, but above all great fun.  The editor, Kristen Valentine, is anxious to move away from stereotypical females in crime fiction: “…the victim; the unsympathetic wife who doesn’t understand the Demands of the Job; the sympathetic lover who exists only to show our complicated hero’s tender side…; the bitchy boss; the femme fatale…”

Interestingly, the featured stories are written by both male and female authors, so it’s by no means a women-only venture, just an attempt to publish work with more rounded, believable female characters.

And judging by the feedback, it’s already proving popular.


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