Hole in the heart

I really hope there’s more to this case than they’re letting on.  Because if there isn’t, then Essex police managed to treat a dying man for cardiac arrest, only to discover at the post-mortem stage that he’d actually been shot in the chest.

I’m slightly baffled by this.  I know from hearing scenes-of-crimes officers talk (most recently at Crime & Publishment earlier this year) just how painstakingly they examine the scene of any sudden or unexplained death.  So why not this one?  Did nobody notice that the victim had a hole in his chest?  Were there no bloodstains, or scorch-marks on his clothes?

Now, of course, the crime scene has gone ‘cold’ and vital clues could be lost for ever.  Essex police have referred themselves to the Independent Police Complaints Commission – as indeed they should if they really did miss spotting something significant (and I’d say a bullet in the chest was pretty significant).  If they didn’t miss it, and there’s something unusual going on, then it’ll be fascinating to hear in due course what that is.  I do feel sorry for his family, though.

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