Crime Novel of the Year

The Radio Times has recently added a book page to its ‘Your RT’ section (at the back of the magazine).  I don’t always have time to browse it, but this week’s caught my eye because it’s looking at the six books shortlisted for the Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Novel of the Year award.

In case you haven’t seen the list, it comprises ‘The Facts of Life and Death’ by Belinda Bauer; ‘The Axeman’s Jazz’ by Ray Celestin; ‘The Outcast Dead’ by Elly Griffiths; ‘Someone Else’s Skin’ by Sarah Hilary; ‘The Devil in the Marshalsea’ by Antonia Hodgson; and Peter May’s ‘Entry Island’.  The books range from psychological noir to historical crime via slightly more standard whodunnits and police procedurals.  There’s a mini-review of each, and all sound thoroughly intriguing – although unusually for me, the one that stood out was Hodgson’s ‘Marshalsea’.  I don’t read a lot of historical crime but anything that involves a ‘charming layabout’ and an ‘enigmatic cellmate… known as ‘The Devil” certainly piques my interest!

This article doesn’t seem to be available online so if you’re interested in reading all the reviews, get hold of the 4-10th July issue and turn to page 138.  And if you’d like to vote for your favourite book, you apparently can, by visiting any time up to 15th July.

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