Latest news on ‘Raise the Blade’

I bet you didn’t think I could turn cartwheels, did you?  Especially not in my compact-and-bijou study, which is just 7ft x 5ft at its widest point?  Well, I can.  The reason I know this?  I’ve had confirmation that my psychological noir novella ‘Raise the Blade’, set in Birmingham and partly inspired by the lyrics of the Pink Floyd track ‘Brain Damage’, has been accepted for publication by Caffeine Nights Publishing.

To say I’m over the moon about this is a complete understatement.  It’s long been a dream to have a book with Caffeine Nights; as a relatively new British indie press specialising in gritty crime and noir they always seemed right up my street, as well as being thoroughly professional, successful, and clearly ‘on the up’.

And now that dream has come true, and I can still hardly believe it.  Hence the dents in the study walls, from those cartwheels.

The book’s due out in 2016, possibly around this time of year.  I’ll be posting more in due course about it: the inspiration behind it, the odd teaser or two; but in the meantime I wanted to share the news with you all, preferably before I explode with the excitement!

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