Dead Man… Reading?

exiles-cover-preview-2This is something a bit special – the first ever audio version of one of my stories, courtesy of Darren Sant and the guys at Near to the Knuckle.

Darren reads ‘Dead Man Walking’, the story featured in ‘Exiles: An Outsiders Anthology’ last year.  It’s a particularly fast-paced, action-packed story which I thought might be ideal for audio treatment; you’ll have to listen in to see whether you agree with me.

Many thanks to Darren for this opportunity.  I’ve never heard my work read aloud before (apart from the odd snippet at writing courses, usually followed by the words ‘Now, what’s wrong with that?’) so this is a completely new experience for me.  It’s a little… odd hearing my words echoing back at me, but tremendous fun.  Presumably this is how playwrights and screenwriters feel when they hear actors taking over their lines.

If you’d like to hear the story for yourselves then head over to Soundcloud.  Don’t forget to turn your computer’s sound up  nice and high – but do watch out for the loud music once the story’s finished, which made me jump!

This is only one out of the twenty-plus stories in the ‘Exiles’ anthology so if it tickles your fancy, why not pick up the book?  All proceeds go to charity (the Marfan Foundation) so you know the money’s going to a really good cause.


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