Of planes, frogs and scorpions…

I’m being evil with the title of this post, I’m afraid, but it’s quite appropriate since my latest short story, ‘Scorpio’, which appears at Thrills Kills ‘n’ Chaos today, is also pretty evil.  The story, about a pilot having to take a convicted murderer into the air to spot the burial site of his victim, was inspired by the old frog and scorpion fable – so don’t expect a Happy Ever After ending!  It’s all pretty dark and desperate.

I know nothing at all about handling small aircraft, but am indebted to my Other Half for the details as he regularly flew Cessnas when he was training for his Private Pilots’ Licence.  He got it, too, but has had to let it lapse since, as all the suitable airfields are too far away.  There are drawbacks to living in the Far North of England…

I hope you enjoy the story, if ‘enjoy’ isn’t too optimistic a word!


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