And the winner is…

Those nice guys at Near to the Knuckle have put together a writing competition for the end of the year, and to celebrate their fourth anniversary.

You can read all the shortlisted entries at the magazine’s web site – all are on the edgy side but some of ’em are an absolute blast.

I didn’t take part in the end.  I had the best intentions, but managed to add over 400 words to the story I was trying to prune down to the 1,000 word maximum word count.  Since it was already over the limit, I clearly flunked.

But congratulations to Craig Furchtenicht, who caught the judges’ eye with his entry ‘Black Lung Gang’.  You can read that over at the magazine too.

And a very happy fourth birthday to Near to the Knuckle.  What a nice way to celebrate.



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