Car crash city

yardleypicAccording to this news item, Birmingham may well be echoing to the gentle screech of car tyres as it becomes the crash-for-cash capital of the UK.  More deliberate insurance-scam crashes happen here than any other city, apparently, including London.  And Coventry, just a few miles down the road, is also in the top ten.

I’m not sure what makes the West Midlands such an attractive target for crash-for-cashers.  It could just be coincidence.  It could be that the criminals who organise it happen to live round here.  Or it could be just the right mix of heavy enough traffic but high enough speeds to make the crashes easier to stage.

Whatever the reason, I’m thinking I should really find a home for my short story ‘Easy Money’, which involves a crash-for-cash scheme, in Birmingham, that goes alarmingly wrong.  If nothing else, I could always, er, cash in on the notoriety!


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