Dumb criminal of the month

img_17157_94574d4fdeb926c7a120eb0ce1ea5608_16This month’s award goes to this armed robber in Birmingham, who forgot that standing out from the crowd isn’t such a good thing when you’re committing a crime.

He remembered to wear a motorbike helmet to hide his face, but wore Minnie Mouse gloves, had a distinctive tattoo and a limp, and used an unusual duvet cover as a loot bag.

He could hardly have drawn more attention to himself if he’d painted his whole body with fluorescent yellow paint and had the words ‘armed robber’ stamped across his forehead.

Pure gold for any crime writers out there!

2 thoughts on “Dumb criminal of the month

  1. Oh, what a story, Tess!! Sounds like the guy wanted to be caught, he was that careless. And yes, an absolutely gold mine for a crime writer. Hmm….Minnie Mouse gloves, duvet cover…..*ideas now buzzing*

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