One step forward…

…and three back.  Yesterday I had a really good writing day, finishing an entire (if brief) chapter on my current work-in-progress and chalking up almost 1,000 words.

This morning, I woke to the slightly grim realisation that although there’s nothing particularly wrong with what I wrote, there’s a better and more dramatic way to structure the scene involving more action and a stronger ‘inciting incident’.  As it’s fairly close to the beginning of the book, the more action the better, so out those 900+ words will have to come.

I’m sure the chapter (and the book) will be better as a result but it can be a little soul destroying having to re-write so much at once.  And anyone who says a writer’s life is an easy one can come round right now and watch me tear out my hair!

5 thoughts on “One step forward…

  1. I completely understand what you mean, Tess! All too well. Next person who says it’s easy to write a story gets to be the victim in one of mine. It will not be pretty.

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