Brazillian interrogation

lastlaughDon’t be put off by the horrible pun in my post title today.  This has nothing to do with police questioning tactics in Brazil, and everything to do with Paul D Brazill’s latest interview over at The Interrogation Room.

Paul’s latest book, ‘The Last Laugh’, is out now.  I’m (rather smugly) reading what was an advance copy and enjoying it immensely, and will comment in more detail once I’ve finished.  But in the meantime, you can head over to The Interrogation Room for a fun and insightful series of responses to questions about writing, markets and noir in general from the master of Brit-grit.

I’ve been an admirer of Paul’s work since I first came across it in the Radgepacket books from Byker Books, so you can imagine just how bowled over I was by his very kind comment about my own book.  If you haven’t got time to read the entire interview (although you’re missing a treat), here’s the quote: “Tess Makovesky has a sure fire hit on her hands with her forthcoming book, ‘Raise the Blade’.”  Thank you so much, Paul – I’m blushing as I type!

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