Shouting from the… town walls

newcastlenoirOr Town Wall to be precise.  Tomorrow night I’ll be appearing, along with a bunch of brilliant crime and noir writers, at the Town Wall bar in Newcastle for the latest Noir at the Bar event.

This one is tagged ‘Noir at the Bar: North East’ and will be the first of (hopefully!) many to be held in Newcastle, the latest venue in the popular format which kicked off in the US but has travelled to the UK via Glasgow and Carlisle.

Organised by Vic Watson and Jackeeta Collins, tomorrow’s session features nine authors reading from their work as well as a lucky dip member of the audience.  The nine lined up are: Eileen Wharton, Patrick Welsh, me, Graham Smith, Sheila Quigley, Bea Davenport, Martyn Taylor, Danielle Ramsay and Janet O’Kane.  If it’s anything like the Carlisle version a few weeks back it’s going to be an absolute blast, so if you’re anywhere near Newcastle tomorrow evening then do pop along to the Town Wall (Pink Street, Newcastle) from 7pm.  It’s free, it’s a great chance to meet the authors, chat, and hear their work.  We’d all love to see you and you’ll be kicking yourselves if you miss the fun.


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