Second time lucky

Those nice people at Noir at the Bar: NE have been very forgiving.  Not only have they invited me to the next one, they’re even going to let me read at it.

You may remember (since it was only about ten days ago) that I was all set to read at the first ever Newcastle event, but had to pull out at the last minute after I fell and badly bruised my arm.

Now, I get another chance.  So stand by on Wednesday 7th September, when (disasters permitting) I’ll be at the Town Wall bar in Newcastle to try again.  This time, I hope to get further than my own front door.  This time, I hope to regale you all with five minutes of something suitably nasty from ‘Raise the Blade’.

And if I have to live in a plastic bubble for the next three months to stop myself hurting anything else, I bloomin’ well will.

There’ll be further details in due course, especially about who else will be appearing at the event.  But in the meantime, you might want to pencil me into your diaries.  Just in case I break, sprain or twist anything else.


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