“The End”

It’s an odd feeling when you get to type those words at the end of your latest manuscript.  On the one hand, you’re delirious and/or relieved that you’ve got another book finished (at least to first draft).  On the other, you’re drained and somehow at a loss, as the sheer concentration of the last few weeks and months peters out, leaving a book-shaped void in its wake.

I got to type ‘The End’ earlier today, on the latest work to roll off the Makovesky conveyor belt.  Admittedly it’s a slow and jerky conveyor belt, but it’s been behaving itself rather better for the last couple of years with a total of three novellas completed and two more on their way.

This one, called ‘Consumed by Slow Decay’, is another psychological noir, a hard-hitting examination of just what it would take to tip an ordinary person over the edge.  They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions… but what if those intentions take over, and force someone to do something terrible?  Just what effect would that have?

The editing, as ever, starts tomorrow, with a few big leaks to plug and a good deal of tidying up.  But for now I’m savouring the satisfaction, and trying not to think about the void.


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