The train now arriving…

5138DIydzwLGood news this morning – I have a brand new short story available.  It’s called ‘The Train Now Leaving’, it’s a dark little tale about a teenager leaving home for university and the rather unexpected effect that has on his mother.  And it features in the first ever anthology produced as a result of the Crime and Publishment writing course, held every year at Gretna Green.

‘Happily Never After’ is a collection of 22 stories from writers published and new on the theme of crime and marriage – a hat-tip in the direction of Gretna’s other claim to fame as a marriage emporium.  This dates back several hundred years, to a time when the village blacksmith held a licence to conduct weddings outside of consecrated ground, and as a result couples who wanted to elope often ended up there.  All very romantic, but I’m sure some of the participants came to suitably sticky ends and this collection takes shameless advantage of that.

Featured authors include Graham Smith, Mike Craven and Lucy Cameron, as well as a host of other Crime and Publishment attendees.  Some are less well known than others, but all are talented writers and you can bet this will be a clever and entertaining collection.

Even better, all proceeds will go to Hearing Dogs for the Deaf, a charity which trains dogs to help deaf people in their own homes and in the wider world outside.  Their work is incredible and provides a lifeline of independence for people who might otherwise struggle to connect.  So hurry along, order your Kindle copy today at, and make a real difference to peoples’ lives in the process.


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