On paper

Raise the Blade FrontFor those of you who prefer to read books the old fashioned way, in printed ink, on paper, on a book you can actually hold in your hand, then there’s some good news.

Because ‘Raise the Blade’ is now fully available in paperback as well as Kindle format.  It’s priced at only £4.99 on Amazon, or you can order it from “all good bookshops”. (This always makes me laugh, by the way.  Is there such a thing as a bad bookshop?  Surely all bookshops are, by very definition, good places to be – and even better places to buy books.  However, adverts on tv and in the press still adhere to this old cliché, and I’m afraid I couldn’t resist.)

The book will be on sale at the slightly lower price of just £4.00 at my book launch in Windermere on Friday afternoon.  If you’d like to come along you’re very welcome, but places are limited so please contact me to let me know you’re coming – and to get vital information such as the exact time and venue!  If you can’t come along and would like a copy of the book, then do head on over to Amazon.  Or your nearest “good” bookshop, wherever that might be.



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