Launched with a bottle of bubbly

I haven’t updated this for a few days but I have a very good excuse because I was busy preparing for last Friday, which was launch day for ‘Raise the Blade’.

The launch party went off really well, with friends, relatives and fellow writers gathering from various corners of the UK to help me celebrate.  I’d booked the local community centre, which turned out to be the ideal setting for a mixture of readings, an interview, a display of location photographs from the book, a ‘crime board’, and of course, tea and cake!

The cakes were an absolute knockout – bespoke cupcakes designed and baked to perfection by the lovely Shirley at J’aime Cakes in Kendal – who I’m forever grateful to for fulfilling the order at a rather difficult time.  Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery.

The interview, by good friend and fellow crime-writer LP Mennock, threw up some really interesting questions.  Cue much head-scratching and pen-sucking with the answers, but it got me thinking about how and why I wrote the book and what ideas I was trying to get across, and I may well use it as a basis for more blog posts in future.

And finally, the book.  It seems to be going down really well.  The readings were well-received, even if people did get thoroughly creeped-out by the prologue!  And several friends have been in touch already to say they can’t put the book down.  It’s always a little unnerving ‘putting your work out there’, so I’m delighted they’re enjoying it so much.

Finally, huge thanks to my friend Fiona Macartney, who couldn’t be there on the day but who provided a lovely bottle of champagne to help lubricate the event.

Here’s a few photos  to give you a taster of both the event and those amazing cakes!






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