Noir at the Bar x2

noirnewcastleTomorrow sees me and my Other Half heading for Newcastle, for the second Noir at the Bar: NE event.

This will be my second attempt at getting there, after an unfortunate tussle with some furniture last time round.  This time, I’m hoping for an accident-free day so I can get there in one piece, have a meal, meet lots of my Facebook and Twitter friends, and read another piece from ‘Raise the Blade’.

Do come along if you’re anywhere near the area, as these events are great fun and the quality of the readings from the authors involved is very high.  Other Half was really impressed by Noir at the Bar: Carlisle a few months back.  This one is at the Town Wall bar on Pink Lane in Newcastle (where they apparently serve excellent food) and starts at 7.00 pm.  Thirteen different authors are booked to speak, plus a “wild card” from the audience, so it sounds like being quite a lively night.

As ever I’ll post a report once I’m back.  In the meantime, if you can come along then I’ll look forward to meeting you.  Oh – and I’ll have a few signed copies of ‘Raise the Blade’ in my bag, just in case.  So if you’d like to get your sticky paws on one of those, for the special discount price of only £4.00, then you’ll have to see me there!


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