Gillian in the Spotlight

Raise the Blade FrontThe process of creating characters is one of those things, along with ‘where do you get your ideas from’, which fascinates readers most about writing.  Now, thanks to Joseph at Relax and Read Reviews, I have the chance to describe some of that creation process.  Who is Gillian?  What motivates her?  Was she influenced by people I know?  What does she even look like?

Some of these questions are easier to answer than others.  I knew, for instance, who the character was loosely based on.  Like many of my characters she’s an amalgamation of bits of at least two real-life people, with a few extra characteristics of her own.  Her appearance, though, was harder to explain.  I rarely describe my characters in any great detail and although I have a reasonable idea what they look like, I didn’t want to give too much away in case readers had already formed their own ‘picture’ of her in their minds.

And then there’s her personality, and the thorny question of what I actually like about her.  Quick answer, like most of my characters, not much!  But as you’ll see, there’s so much more to it than that.

Gillian is just one of eight major characters in the book.  Although she’s the one who has stayed with me longest, I had almost as much fun creating all of them, and honing them so they would fit the required circumstances but still be believable.  Hopefully I succeeded, and if you like the sound of Gillian (or any of her equally impossible counterparts!) then the book is available in paperback or Kindle at Amazon, or by ordering from your local book shop.


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