Football, dead priests and nail guns

That’s a typical night out in Carlisle.

Or at least, it is if you’re going along to a book launch by crime writer Graham Smith.  I did, yesterday, and had a great time.  First I met a couple of friends for a meal at Nandos, then we headed for Waterstones for the launch itself.  And what fun!

secretNot content with launching the usual single book, Graham had gone for two.  His latest novel, ‘I Know Your Secret’, and a novella which fits between the events of that and his first novel ‘Snatched From Home’.  The novella is called ‘Matching the Evidence’ and there’s a pun involved in the title since the plot revolves around football.  However Graham was at pains to point out that you don’t need to be a fan of the beautiful game, or even know much about it, to read/enjoy the book.  I might just take him up on that, since it sounded quite intriguing.

The launch featured an interview by fellow author Matt Hilton, and various hilarious and/or hair-raising stories involving crucifying people to the floor with a nail gun and getting thrown out of churches.  It was all thoroughly entertaining and I was really sorry I had to leave early to run for a train as I was enjoying it immensely, dammit!  There wasn’t even time to buy a book, something I hope to put right very soon.

If you like crime, or books set in Carlisle, or football and dead priests, then be sure to pay Graham a visit at his Amazon author page here.  Just watch out for the nail gun!

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