Comings and goings

I had to laugh at this BBC news story about the prosecution of two men who ran a brothel in Birmingham.

Not, I hasten to add, that I find prostitution amusing.  Quite the opposite; the sex trade is often a front for unpleasant and/or criminal behaviour, and the way women are seduced or forced into selling their own bodies is shocking.

What did amuse me, though, was the sheer brazen scale of this place.  It made its owners a colossal £1 million every year and turned over an average of 200 customers every single day.  Which is amazing when you think about it.  All those comings (*cough* pun quite possibly intended) and goings, hundreds of people traipsing in and out, cars parking and driving away again… and yet nobody seems to have noticed!

Fair enough the place advertised itself as a massage parlour, but 200 clients a day?  That’s a staggering number of people wanting massages.  Enough to ring alarm bells for neighbouring businesses, locals and the authorities.  Makes you wonder how they got away with it for quite so long!


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