Raise the Blade – the Scariest Part!

Raise the Blade FrontThose of you who’ve read ‘Raise the Blade’ know that it’s a little gruesome in places.  Quite a lot gruesome, in fact.  So much so it was edging me towards the very limits of my comfort zone, and as a sensitive flower (ahem) I had to push myself to write the more disturbing sections.

Because the book is written in reverse, with more details about the killer’s methods revealed in each new chapter, it got harder and harder to write.  But which chapter out of all them was the worst?  Well, there is one, but to find out you’ll have to head for Nicholas Kaufmann’s excellent blog The Scariest Part, where all will be revealed.  Not just the identity of the most distressing character to write about, but also what that character’s experiences are based on, and what that meant for me.

There’s also some more detail about the Pink Floyd track ‘Brain Damage’, which formed a significant part of the inspiration for the book.

So to find out all this and more, head over to The Scariest Part right now.  I hope it doesn’t disturb your sleep!

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